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Spring is here and for millions of Americans, that means pulling the ATV out of winter storage. It’s been a long, chilly few months since your last ride, and you’re probably itching to get rolling. But before you hit the trail or haul that first load, you’ll want to make sure your four-wheel friend is in good working order. READ MORE >>

Daydreaming while driving is more dangerous than you’d think – and our new review of police data shows just when drivers might be “lost in thought” enough to cause a fatal crash. According to a new review of Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) data, Saturdays in S... READ MORE >>

You know the great thing about driving a car with an automatic transmission? They’re so much fun. The thrill of shifting from park into drive is just exhilarating…said no one ever. Thirteen years ago, I was in the market for a new car when I found it: a beautiful Saab 9-3 in pristine condition and heated seats. READ MORE >>

It has perhaps never been easier to accumulate clutter. Even if you’re not trying to acquire new possessions, you can suddenly find your home filled with items you don’t need. Fortunately, it’s also pretty easy to get rid of all that extra stuff; all it takes is a little dedication and a good plan. READ MORE >>

For many of us, a car is an essential part of daily life. We invest thousands of dollars in our cars, and some of us see them as extensions of ourselves and can’t make it through the day without them. We value our cars—but we’re not the only ones who do. READ MORE >>

Do you rely on an ordinary deadbolt lock, squint through a front door peephole and struggle to remember a long passcode to unlock your phone? It may be time to explore new technologies that can make it a snap to secure your life and home. READ MORE >>

Distracted driving has been a matter of concern ever since the first cars rolled off the assembly line. In the early 1900s, when windshield wipers were first introduced on American cars, some worried that they would lull drivers into a daze. READ MORE >>

  Our closets are often neglected because it’s easier to just throw things in them and close the door. While house guests might never see our closets, they are a hidden source of stress and wasted time. A Huffington Post survey revealed that 47% of those surveyed said that home organization was a source of stress. READ MORE >>

No asphalt or concrete surface will last forever, but these pavement maintenance and repair options can be your best bet for longevity.  Crack Filling Cracks in the asphalt should be cleaned of dirt and vegetation and allowed to dry completely before filling. READ MORE >>

Your car has battled snow, ice, salt and potholes for months on end. Now that winter’s in the rear view mirror, certain aspects of your car need a little more TLC than others. SPRING CAR MAINTENANCE: 8 THINGS TO CHECK  Tires: In the snow belt, now is the time to swap your snow tires for your all-season tires. READ MORE >>

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